Updated 15th January 2021

Weekday Mass
Monday to Saturday 11am

Weekend Mass
Saturday evening 6pm
Sunday 9am and 11am in Church and Parish Centre

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) - On Saturdays at 10.30am with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and at 5.30pm

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Face coverings are mandatory in Church and all those attending must wear a face covering which should be kept on during the whole time you are in Church - mouth and nose covered.  Rule of 6 applies at all times.
  • If someone comes to church and is then tested positive for the virus, the church must be closed for 72 hours.
 TRACK AND TRACE - It is now a legal requirement that all parishioners and visitors attending Mass in the Church will need to provide their surname and phone number (one member of each household).
We are required by the Government to record details of all who attend church during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The privacy impact of those whose personal data is recorded in the register is minimal because the register is kept securely and the information is divulged if required by the Government is only kept for 21 days and then shredded.
Thank you for your understanding and support

NHS COVID-19 TEST AND TRACE APP:  On 24th September the NHS launched its Covid-19 Test and Trace App.  This app has been developed to assist the Government with its test and trace policy and uses a smartphone.  The app works by using the bluetooth system which all smartphones have.  It registers any other phones within a certain distance, which also has the app installed.  This takes place between the phones themselves and its entirely anonymous.  Please try and use this if you can/
  • Masses are available on line at www.churchservices/tv
Weddings are able to take place in Church from 2 December with a maximum of 15 people including the bride and groom
Baptisms maximum of 6 including child to be baptised
Funeral services can be held in church with a limit of 30 people.

Worshippers should limit their interactions with anyone they are not attending church with i.e. if they are attending communal worship with their own household.  Please observe the Rule of 6 at all times.
As we are in lockdown you can only interact indoors with your own household .

MASS INTENTIONS:  If you wish to offer a Mass intention please call 
Fr John on 0787 905 8732

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St Lawrences RC Church, Feltham

Welcome to the website of St Lawrence's Parish. We hope that the information contained here will give you a flavour of the variety and richness of our parish life.

Our church is known to be a place of welcome, opening wide our doors to the community around us, embracing people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. No-one is a stranger here. In a little way we hope that our welcome is a reflection of the love of our welcoming God.

St Lawrence’s is here for you.

Please contact us at any time if there is anything we can do for you. Like our Patron Saint, Lawrence, our purpose is to serve.

Fr John Byrne
Parish Priest