Updated 2 July 2022


Sunday Masses: 8.00am, 9.30am, 11.00am and  1pm (Polish)

2nd Sunday   2.30pm Ukrainian Mass

3rd Sunday   2.30pm Malaylam Mass

4th Saturday   3.00pm  Filipino (Tagalog) Mass

7pm Ukrainian Mass

4th Sunday   2.30pm Nigerian Chaplaincy Mass

Monday to Friday:  10am Mass

Saturday Morning:  11.00am Mass

Saturday Morning:  Confessions: 10.00am to 10.45am with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament,

Saturday Evening:  5.00pm Vigil Mass for Sunday

Holy Days of Obligation:  Mass at 10am, 12noon & 6pm


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St Lawrences RC Church, Feltham

Welcome to the website of St Lawrence's Parish. We hope that the information contained here will give you a flavour of the variety and richness of our parish life.

Our church is known to be a place of welcome, opening wide our doors to the community around us, embracing people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. No-one is a stranger here. In a little way we hope that our welcome is a reflection of the love of our welcoming God.

St Lawrence’s is here for you.

Please contact us at any time if there is anything we can do for you. Like our Patron Saint, Lawrence, our purpose is to serve.

Fr John Byrne
Parish Priest

Masses are also available on line at www.churchservices.tv/



Following a request a month ago not to put anything on the grave, the little lawn begins to grow.  Unfortunately 3 large candle holders and some flowers have now been left on the grave and have had to be removed.  It is Fr Gerry's family, not St Lawrence's parish, who own the burial rights and want the grave to be plain and easily maintained by the authorities.  Plants, candles, etc. will, it is said, be thrown in the rubbish bin if they interfere with mowing the grass.  Whatever our own preferences we must respect the wishes of Fr Gerry's family and leave the grave bare.  Better, therefore, to follow his own wishes inscribed on his headstone "Pray for me sometimes".  Thank you.


We have recently joined a number of other parishes around the diocese to install a new contactless way of making donations and offertory at our parish. The devices can be found on the way out of church and is a quick and safe way to donate money to the church using contactless debit cards.   This device can be used for donations and offertory, donations to the Parish Centre Fund, Catechetics, payment for Repository purchases and payment for Mass Offerings.

It's easy to use; just select how much you would like to donate and gently place your debit card on the card reader.  It's secure and goes directly into the parish bank account.  You can also make donations and contributions using standing orders. 


Click on the link below to make contributions to the church.